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Respite Care New Jersey

All individuals sometimes need a break from their jobs to fix some personal matters, take time to rest and relax, and go on vacation. Respite care means rendering a short-term relief from the primary caregiver, take all the responsibilities to the patients like an elder and injured or disabled individuals. It can be a few hours, several days, or a week. It depends on how long does the primary caregiver asked. Respite Care New Jersey has numerous numbers qualified caregivers to take charge of the position.

Luckily, respite carers in New Jersey, NJ, can render respite services of your choice. It can be in your comfort zone, in a health care facility, or in daycare centers. Mostly, they often choose at home for some reasons over other nursing facilities.

Types of Respite Care

  • Respite Care at home - This is the most convenient type of respite care. Elders are more comfortable staying in a familiar area with family members and friends. The service provider will serve as their companion. Individuals who have mobility problems or weakness needs assistance in their everyday routine.
  • Day Care centers - This type offered a few hours until the whole day of stay. They offer some activities and will be taken care of by a skilled carer.
  • Respite Care facilities - A short-term assisted community, accommodate patients for as long as few weeks. Trained caregivers will help them day and night.

The duties and responsibilities of a home carer will always depend on the capability of the patient. Respite Care New Jersey’s primary goal is to provide an excellent service for both the client and family member’s satisfaction. Our trained and skilled caregivers are always on the top list and receive recommendations from previous clients, ensuring that their loved ones are adequately cared for and safe.

Security of our patients is our top priority. We make sure that they are perfectly safe, day and especially night, to prevent falls, beds are provided with siderails.

Respite Carer responsibilities

  • Personal Care - Personal care is an essential matter to make them feel clean and comfortable. Cleanliness has a significant impact on health, both physically and mentally. It also helps to keep them from some diseases and illnesses. It includes bathing, tooth brushing, washing of the perineal area now and then. Also, physical grooming is dressing, combing hair, putting lotions on, cutting toes and fingernails.
  • Domestic Support - It refers to the running of households as their everyday routine. A carer is tackling daily activities like cleaning the room, preparing meals, washing dishes, loading laundry, and running errands.
  • Companionship - Elders always feel isolated and sad whenever they are alone. A caregiver can act as their friend and companion. They can watch TV together, exchange stories, eat together, have a morning and afternoon walk, and do some board games and paper activities.

Respite carer daily tasks

  • Providing personal care, physical grooming, and hygiene
  • Assist in transferring and walking, and mobility
  • Runs households like cleaning, dishwashing, laundry
  • Meal preparation and feeding assistance
  • Administering prescribed medications and supplements taking on an appropriate time
  • Communicate with the patient’s appointments, especially to doctors and check-ups
  • Arrange for transportation if needed
  • Run errands
  • Ensure safety and comfortability of the patient at all times
  • Assessing patient condition; physically and emotionally
  • Encourage patient to do some recreational activities
  • We make sure that our patients got enough rest the whole day


If your loved ones’ primary caregiver asked for breaks,  Respite Care New Jersey is a big help. For more information and inquiries, hurry! Contact us on our hotline number today to avail of our promotional offers.