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Senior Center New Jersey

Many seniors nowadays are more active and do a lot of activities. As they age, they require a higher level of health care to help them stay healthy and active. Senior center New Jersey provides programs and activities to help seniors establish friendships, provide support and improve their health.

Seniors who use our senior center in New Jersey NJ learn to manage and slow down the onset of chronic illness and show significant improvements to their overall well-being. Less active adults are more likely to have memory problems or need a nursing home.

Our senior center New Jersey offers the latest types of programming to help seniors live longer and stay active. Some of the programs we offer are:

  • Fitness and Wellness Program

    We offer exercise and meditation programs designed for seniors to help them stay fit and relax. Our staff provides seniors with fun exercises, such as yoga, Zumba, and aerobics, and allows them to stay fit and have fun with peers.

  • Gardening Opportunities

    Many seniors enjoy gardening, yet they do not have more room to garden like they used to, or they never had the chance to learn how to grow various plants and flowers. We provide gardening lessons and areas where seniors are allowed to grow plants and flowers.

  • Travel Programs

    As some seniors like to go on a trip; however, they do not have the opportunity since they are having trouble with traveling or commuting. Our senior center sponsor trips for our members to enjoy for a day up to a weeklong venture. Our travel programs include advance trip planning, transportation, meals, and accommodations. This allows your loved one to go on a trip with peers.

  • Job Opportunities

    Several seniors still enjoy their careers, and some want to have a new line of work; thus, we offer help and resources for those looking for work as we support seniors' wishes, which can help them improve their quality of life.

  • Educational and Art Programs

    At our senior center New Jersey NJ, we offer educational and art programs, including arts and crafts, dance, pottery, language, technology, pottery, and more. These classes and programs help seniors to learn more and keep them busy while learning.

  • Meal and Nutrition Program

    Our goal is to help seniors be healthy; therefore, we serve nutritious meals to seniors who participate in the senior center. We maintain a welcoming atmosphere and company for them to enjoy their meal with us.

  • Support and Interest Groups

    Seniors have different hobbies and interests. To help them enjoy their time at the senior center, we establish support and interest groups such as book clubs, movies, and more. This makes a senior feel they belong in a group where they can discuss the same interest with other members.


To know more about our programs in the senior center in New Jersey, contact us today. We have staff members who can answer all your inquiries and give you more information about our programs and services.